Dropshipping has been more and more popular over the past years since you as a retailer don't need to keep stock or handle the shipment.

How can we help you business?

We can offer two solutions.

The easy solution

1. You will get a retailer account

2. When you have found the wanted products you simply add them to the basket and put in your customers delivery information in the check out

3. We will then handle the shipment and within 24 hours Monday-Friday and provide you with a tracking number, which you can pass along to your customer

The advanced solution

1. You will get a retailer account

2. Our developers will reach out to your developer and begin a dialog about integration to our system

3. When the developers have set up the integration between our systems you will be able to push orders directly to our system

4. While the orders is being processed and shipped you will be automatically be informed about each step along with a tracking number

Can the customer see that it is BORN Nordic ApS that has shipped the package?

No. You will be the sender on the packaging label and there will not be any delivery note in the package from either us or you.

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